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The content of this personal web site is twofold. A fist link gives an overview of my current scientific and technical work in Grenoble Research labs. The second one is a descriptive list of the web sites I currently maintain and the ones that I wrote once in the past.

Working in Grenoble

I used to be a Parisian for 24 years but several circumstances pushed me out of Paris during the last years of my studies : Training periods in London, in Marseille and in Grenoble. Finally, I became attracted by Grenoble city in the south west of France and I began to work there. Reasons are the sunny weather, the beautiful montains, the skiing resorts, and a lake well known by most windsurfers in Europe. The fact that Grenoble is an important research center in Computer Science and IT systems made the move reasonable.

I came to work for R&D software engineering projects in the industry. Orange Labs with Grenoble University and industrial partners have been a dynamic research ecosystem for me. I worked as a software developer, an architect, a PhD student, a standards engineer in internal, national, international projects and standardization organizations before embracing the management of a wide set of R&D projects in Machine-To-Machine and Digital Home application domains and associated research areas.


My hobbies include kitesurfing, snowboarding, travelling abroad, designing simple web sites. Kitesurf is a hobby shared by many Grenoble citizens thanks to the great Monteynard lake. It takes only 30 minutes to taste the regular winds of this lake known by European wind lovers. Kitesurf is for summer, snowboard is for winter. The ski resorts are also very close to the place I live in. Travelling around the world is the subject of the main web site I have maintained. Having (3) kids and a busy job made it less easy to travel and write web pages on the way back... I might do it again in the future.

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