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Web site design is one of my hobbies. Here are listed the web sites I made.

Around the world

My wife and I like travelling abroad. As I wanted to keep a trace of all these trips, I began starting a web site in August 2002 when coming back from a trip in Morocco. After having written the pages on the trip in Morocco, I wrote some pages on my stay in London 2 months before and then I tried to recall the trip I made in Tunisia one year before. Photos became more numerous with our first digital cameras 2 years later and dynamic web photo albums made the pages of the following trips in China, Egypt, India, Austria, and so on, more attractive.

  • see: Voyages en images autour du monde
  • Happy family events

    For our wedding in July 2004, I wanted to make a dynamic and colourful web site. It made me learn and experiment web design with Flash software.

  • see: Sophie et André : Mariage le 3 juillet 2004
  • Then, I used the same frames again for the wedding of my brother-in-law in June 2005.

  • see: Emilie et Raphael : Mariage le 25 juin 2005
  • And I made another one with the same general design ideas for the celebration of my daughter's birth in September 2006.

  • see: Lison Bottaro : Fete de naissance le 16 septembre 2006
  • And one more for the celebration of my friends wedding in July 2007.

  • see: Ariane et Pol : Mariage le 21 juillet 2007
  • A French association

    My wife participates in a society constituted by French doctors. They needed a small web site in order to be more easily accessible and to easily make some contents public. I tried to make it simple for the reader to look for information and for the editor to create pages and to fill them without hard technical web knowledge.

  • see: SMT Dauphiné Savoie
  • Paintings of Gerard Goux

    My father in law has made a lot of paintings since he began thirty years ago. Now that he has resigned from his job as a teacher, he has even more time to be productive... So he wished to have a web site to make his work accessible to anyone.

  • see: Gérard Goux, Artiste Peintre
  • Bicycle repair store

    My brother is repairing bicycles in all these cities near Coulommiers, in Seine-et-Marne departement: Amillis, Aulnoy, Beautheil-Saints, Boissy-le-Châtel, Chailly-en-Brie, Chauffry, Coulommiers, Doue, Faremoutiers, Giremoutiers, Mauperthuis, Marolles-en-Brie, Mouroux, Pommeuse, Saint-Augustin, Saint-Germain-sous-Doue

  • see: Repar'Coul
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