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I work with passion on innovative applications for the Digital Home in the Orange Labs. It becomes easier and easier to connect the relevant sensors, actuators, multimedia screens in these environments and make them communicate together to assist users and utility providers in their day lives.

I believe the market is about to become a mass market soon. On the one hand, most of electronic devices are isolated, they do not communicate with each other : Audio-Video devices, white goods like the washing-machine, clocks, smoke detectors, surveillance devices... Many actors are acting in vertical or niche markets. On the other hand, many paradigms (Service Oriented Computing, Pervasive Computing, ...) have paved the way towards more open ecosystems. Technologies in embedded design, e.g., OSGi, protocols in the connected Home, e.g., UPnP, emerging ones in home automation, e.g., ZigBee, protocols in device management and remote access, e.g., TR-069, ETSI M2M, carry on the promise of a standard connection to any object about to become smart.

I manage today a Research Program called Digital Home covering all Home application domains: Multimedia, Security, Energy efficiency, Comfort, Elderly Care, Wellness, Games. The overall challenge is to open the telecom infrastructure to all third party applications that could be deployed. That means opening a software execution environment to partners and even garage developers, opening device management enablers for service providers to manage their own software modules, sensors and actuators, opening a wide Home Application Store representing applications made of software modules and using Home devices and Internet resources. The software environment is hosted on the cloud and on the home box. Various options are considered on software distribution in the architecture.

Our expertise also focuses on high rate multimedia networks and ultra low power self-organized sensor networks. On these network topics, several priorities are addressed: First, convergence and coverage to cover every room in the Home with Internet and M2M connectivity and to reach every device with the expected link quality. Second, multi-gigabit rates thanks to fibre and radio over fibre to make the user fully benefit from the gigabit fibre that is progressively connecting the home. Third, green awareness to mitigate the growth of multimedia energy consumption in the Home. Fourth, enablers for care to assist the user in their every day connected life.

Research, development and standardization efforts are progressively building and integrating solutions towards the full Connected Home that the user expects.

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